This is the end …

Today the whole Neomarica collection was handed over to the Botanical Garden Leipzig. Due to my age I had to find a place where the plants would be cultivated on an ongoing basis. So I’m happy that they’ll be the jewelry of a botanic exhibition in the oldest botanical Garden of Germany in the future.

Hydroponic success

As it comes from a narrow valley in Atlantic forest Neomarica mauroi needs high air humidity to grow properly. Usually I keep them in an acrylic glass box. All attempts outside with plants in soil failed.

Then I tried hydroculture, planted in expanded clay pellets and fed with Ion exchange resin beads (Lewatit HD 50) and a somewhat wider cachepot so that humidification coulld take place. And it worked! The plant seems to be surrounded by a microclimate that is enough for her, growing and flowering.

Bluete_ morgens

Start flowering in the morning


Place on window shelf


Completely opened flower at noon

Today’s fun!

Blooming today

28-03-2016-kToday a plant is producing a flower, which I got as plantlet 3 years ago from a “professional”. It was labelled “Neomarica caerulea” and I knew from the first moment that this was wrong: The characteristic of N. caerulea is just not to make plantlets on top of the flowering stem!

But this beauty was a plantlet, so I think it must be Neomarica sabinei.

Today’s Joy


here’s another of my “unknown” collection. I got the plant from a neomarica fan in Austria. It might be a mutation, perhaps a albinoid form. Though my first idea was that it resembles N. candida (without the blue) I’m now uncertain – the flowers stay only for half a day and that points more to a sort of Neomarica that lives in regions with high air humidity.

Anyway it is beautiful and enriches my collection!2016-1k

Wonderful Noname

Inflorescens A composition of beautyThe last information I have is, that this plant’s name should be
“Gennov1 speciosa” – whereas Gennov means Genus novus = new genus without real name.
Anyway – it spreads its beauty and I love it though it does not walk! After flowering there are no little plants on the flowering stem.