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On the left side an arrangement of everything that’s flowering today! On top you see two of the blooms side by side. The light flower is a Neomarica caerulea Hybride (left). The form of the flowering stem and the fact, that it doesn’t make plantlets, makes it caerulea – the petal color is  white with bluish dots. The brown pattern inside resembles caerulea blooms. Either is it a spontaneous mutation or someone wished more diversity in his food!


As if this plant wishes to prove that I was wrong –  this was it today:a bud

I hope, that there will be more than one flower and a plantlet afterwards too!

Next Blooming season starts

Neomarica sabini 'Jaguare'The first plant to produce a flowering stem is a Neomarica sabini ‘Jaguare’ from the 2010 seeds.

I hope this will become a flower – the plant is rather weak, only three leaves which look more yellow than green.

The other Neomaricas are not yet so far, but I keep them ‘sleeping’ because I wish them flowering next year, when I’ll go on markets – I have to get rid of a good part of my stock, and flowering plants are much easier to sell.

Hello Neomarica-friends!

In this blog I wish to publish the events of every day – observations, experiments, plant development. Mostly small things, but perhaps of interest for other friends of these wonderful plants. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

At the moment I have 180 Neomaricas in my house, a lot of them of unknown species. So there will be enough to report in the next years.