Neomarica eximia

Exceptional Walking Iris

Microscopic examinations have proved that this plant is not a true Neomarica. Whereas Neomaricas have a multiple of 9 chromosomes in their cells, this plant has a multiple of 8 chromosomes. A new name for this genus is not yet certified. At the moment it is named GENNOV1 speciosa.


After a spectacular blooming two plantlets developped - it's walking!

Fantastic blooms

Two plantlets emerge from the base of the flower stalks


After self-fertilizing with a small brush I could really harvest seeds

Ripe Seeds sowed at once

6 Seedlings


In 2005 or 2006 I sowed Neomarica sp. caerulea 'Short fruit' nobody knew which Neomarica it really was. Though some of the plants became really big, there were no flowers for years. But in summer 2012 I developed a special soil mixture and planted one of them into it. And here you see the the result:

A flowering stem starts growing


Here you see the inflorescence, different to N. sabinei on the right side.

By color and inflorescence this should be Neomarica eximia (Ravenna). The leaves are about 1,20m ( almost 4 ft.)! A self-fertilization seems to be successful, if the ripening seeds will be fertile has to be proved.  After 5 blooms I wait now if a plantlet is coming, because in the meantime I learned that not every species Walking Iris does "walk".