In 2012 I succeeded for the first time to get seeds from a Neomarica. Fertilization is not simple because Neomaricas are described as not self-fertile, so you have to have two genetically different plants.  Parents for my experiment were: a plant N. candida which I got from Berlin (pollen-donator) and two N. candidas, which descended from the French plant I bought several years ago.

Another problem is the position of the Stigma. They don't lie on top of the Stylus but at the side between two "tiers":

Mauro Peixoto had shown me in Brazil, how Neomaricas can be fertilized. So I tried it in February 2012. In April you could already see the result:

On July 22nd the first boll opened dividing itself in three splits. The seeds had hung on a middle axe but now they fell out (fortunately this happened in a paper teabag).

From the first capsule I hat seven relatively big round seeds. They're now sowed again to proof their fertility. The second boll opening on July 26th contained 9 seeds.