Neomarica mauroi

This Neomarica was recovered short time ago by the Brazilien plant specialist Mauro Peixoto. In André Gil's scientific Thesis it is recognized as a real Neomarica; André Gil is now professor at the University of Salinas, SP/Brazil. He named the plant after its discoverer. It's a small species growing in the shadow of a narrow Atlantic Forest valley. Here it is kept in a acrylic glass box with permanent air humidity more than 60%. 
In 2012 there were lots of plantlets coming out of the leaves' buds, but no flowers. In May 2013 the situation changed:

May 12th I discovered a bud:

On the right photo you see the difference to offspring-building - something new would happen!

On May 20th the most beautiful flower unfolded:


The Flowers are very much Neomarica-like.

The habitus is completely different from other Neomarica species described here: The plant doesn't produce a flowering stem at a certain time, but every main leaf has a knob in its middle, out of which blooms and offsprings grow. Even offsprings have such knobs in their leaves.

In March 2012 the first knob on a leaf of my plant opened. Now I'm waiting eagerly what will happen . . .