Neomarica candida

White Walking Iris

Special Varieties


'Praia do Rosa'

Season 2012

While all the new species were mainly in the focus of interest  N. candida continued to grow, to flower and to produce new plants. In autumn 2011 the French plant that had become really thick was devided and repotted and in the beginning of 2012 seven plants started preparing flowers.

The first bud
Feb 3rd 2012

Feb 5th 2012
The first flower

Closeup of the flower

Against the winter sky early in the morning

Season 2007

The Neomarica candida from France started at December 29th, 2007 the next blooming seasion:

At the picture on the left you can see clearly the black stamens of N. candida, which is besides the size a main difference to N. northiana with light yellowwhite stamens.
The other plants from France and the USA grew fine, they repeatedly bloomed. The actual amount of plants you can see im the regularly updated stock table.

Season 2006

In January 2006 the one from Taiwan grew a stem, bloomed and got a layer. Then the  motherplant died for unknown reasons.  The layer grew to a fine plant and produced layers itself since them. According to my pictures, mr. M. Peixoto determinated this plant clearly as N. candida.

Plant from Taiwan
Feb 19th 2006

 Feb 21st. 2006 - Flower

Feb 19th. 2006 - Bud

Season 2005

In 2005 we got from this species

  •  3 young plants from Taiwan, wrongly called N. gracilis

  •  3 young plants from the USA

  •  1 older plant from the south of France.

From the very small bare rooted layers from Taiwan and the USA only one of each survived. The french plant suffered from thrips, but achieved nevertheless a stem, which got a small, inconspicuous bloom and produced a layer.