Iris japonica

Some years ago I got a plantling from the greenhouse of a university's botanical garden that was named Neomarica gracilis. I wondered how this could be because all serious information said thar N. gracilis does not exist outside Brazil. Anyway - the plant grew well, but it took until now to show the first flower on February 21st, 2011. Here it is:

IT's Iris japonica, a Chinese iris. As far as I could get information is it hardy in our climate but doesn't flower in the open air. In any case, it is a very nice plant!

Dietes iridoides, (Cape iris, fortnight lily)

According to the literature, the Neomarica pulchella is a short-statued species with canary-yellow blooms. In spring 2005 I bought 10 seeds of N. pulchella from the mail-oder company Röpke in Seesen. Five plants survived. 

At march 11, 2007 we've got the first bloom. That was a big disappointment!  It wasn't a Neomarica at all, but a Dietes, an  african iris.  

Plant shape and bloom, pictures from march 11, 2007

Dietes iridoides, a lovely neat southafrican iris

The literature, concerning the N. pulchella has become outdated. The name does no longer appear as the name of a Neomarica species.