New taxonomy

The PhD thesis of the biologist André Gil is published in the meantime, he's working at Salinas University (Brazil, State of Sao Paulo) as scientific assistant. The Brazilian text is free for download here. Even when the text in this language is not understandable there are color tables of all Neomaricas included, showing the flower variability of every species.

Result of the microscopic Investigation
(short summery)

  • True Neomaricas have a of multiple of 9 chromosomes in their cells .

  • Trimezias have a multiple of 7 chromosomes in their cells.

  • A new Genus with a multiple of 8 chromosomes had to be defined. The name is not yet fixed, in the meantime the abbreviation "Gennov1 =genus novus 1" is used. This new genus includes:
    Neomarica eximia = “Gennov1” speciosa
    Neomarica caerulea = “Gennov1” caerulea
    These are no longer Neomaricas!