One of Brazil's 'Jewels': The Walking Iris

The genus Neomarica counts app. 20 species. Almost all grow in Brazil, few are found more to the north, until mexican territory. There preferred places are the rayed forests and forest borders, in Brazil, they grow mainly in the forests along the Atlantic Ocean (Mata Atlāntica). Because these forests are already for 90% destroyed,  the habitat of the Neomarica is highly threatened.

Overview of Neomarica localities, as far as we could trace yet

    A Neomarica candida 'Praia do Rosa'
    B Neomarica fluminensis
    C Neomarica northiana
    D Neomarica guttata
    E Neomarica candida 'Guaratuba'
    F Neomarica coerulea 'Atibaia'
    G Neomarica coerulea 'Garafao'
    H Neomarica sabini 'Jaguare'
    I  Neomarica 'Rio das Pedras'

    For your orientation:
    1 Rio de Janeiro
    2 Sao Paulo
    4 Brasilia
    3 Porto Alegre
    5 Recife
    6 Salvador
    7 Belem

Sometimes, the Neomarica is called  "Apostle's plant", allegedly because she will bloom only she has got twelve leafs. In our experience, this isn't true. With appropriate care also smaller Neomaricas do bloom, but they don't produce so many blooms after each other as the bigger plants.