Neomarica northiana

Northbrasilian walking iris
Norse False Flag - Blooming day


Unlike the N. Candida, the spreading area of the N. northiana is more to the north in Brasil, it's explained already in the name.

Concerning the distinction of both species, the descriptions in the literature differ, there's no agreement yet. At the pictures it looks like the N. northiana has deeper white bloomleaves than the N. candida and the petals look more violet than blue.

The stamens of the N. northiana are always white-yellow, the flowers spread a characteristic fragance a little bit like sweet tobacco. Most clear is the difference in size. The leaves can become a length of 1 m., (app. 3,3 ft), with a width of 5 cm (app. 0,7 ft). Also without their flowers many people like this as a room plant because of its rich green foliage.

We were forced to repot and part our really big plant in December 2008. After this 'operation' we had 19 plants! Many of them had in 2009 already bloomed repeatedly:


A first new bud showed up at march 22, 2009:

And here below the bloom of it at march 23, 2009:

 And here are pictures of the 2010 blooming season.